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Since 1989 I live in Rüttenen, north of Solothurn with view of the “Weissenstein”, a mountain of the JURA south chain.










I have studied Mineralogy/Geology and it was once my goal to work as a gem specialist, but sometimes things develop different. Finally I became a Quality Systems Manager and worked several years in this function. At the moment I plan my independence as a consultant. In addition I work as a security woman.

In 1994 a dream came true. I bought my first dog, the Groenendael female Scalloway’s Indiana, called Jana. Jana is a Belgian Shepherd in a million. It is because of her I became a fan of this splendid breed with its 4 varieties. I am fascinated by the wit, the sensitivity, the serious nature, the eagerness to learn and work, the staying power of the Belgian Shepherd. Because of the elegant black coat I got stuck on the Groenendael. Personally I prefer the Groenendael out of working-line - the head is a little bit wider and the hair is a little bit shorter.





Jana - 14th birthday

With great joy, I train my dogs in different sports like IPO, tracking, obedience, agility, endurance/Sacco. For me, it is important that my dogs behave well. That is why I am leading them clear and consistent. Personally, I don’t like dog sport events very much, but now and then it is necessary to know how good we work.

Jana - 14th birthday








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