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Timur Ruby

Timur Ruby (Khiraj-i-alam or “Tribute to the World”)






The Timur Ruby is a big, red spinel* in a necklace of the Britisch crown jewels. It weighs 361 carats and carries the inscription of the names of former Indian princes. In 1849, the Timur Ruby (together with the famous Koh-i-Nur diamond) was annexed by the British Empire and came into the possession of the British Monarchy (Queen Victoria).

neckless with Timur Ruby



* For many centuries, red stones (rubies, spinels, garnets) were known as rubies. Since 1800, these gems are classified as different mineral groups according to their chemical composition and physical properties.











Why did I choose the name of a famous red jewel for my breeding?






On the on hand:





as a link to my past (a mineralogy degree) and because my dogs to me are precious and unique.






On the other hand:





What color would you spontaneously associate with love and vivacity, passion and power? It’s obious: the color red. Red is the color of love, red radiates warmth and vitality. And red is the color of the ruby, the king of precious stones, symbol of power, courage and dignity:

Ruby is the stone of life and guardian of love.


For thousands of years, the ruby is one of the most valuable gemstones on Earth. It has everything a precious stone should have: magnificent color, excellent hardness, and outstanding brilliance. In the gem quality, ruby is extremly rare. At auction, it can achieve in this rare form a top price which is far above the price of comparable diamonds.
Some rubies display a wonderful silky shine, called the “silk” of ghe ruby. This phenomenon is caused by very fine needles of rutile. Very rarely, we find the precious rarity “Star Ruby”, which has needles of rutile embedded as a star and has a captivating light effect in the form of a star.

Star ruby

Ruby red is passion. Red for ruby. Ruby red. The one thing about this precious stone is its color. Not without reason, the name RUBY comes from the Latin word “rubens” which means red. The red of the ruby is an unforgettable red, warm and fiery. Two magical elements are associated with the symbolism of this color: fire and blood - warmth and life!
So ruby-red is not just any color, no it’s pure color - hot, passionate, powerful color. Like no other gemstone, ruby is the perfect way to express strong feelings, it does not symbolize the peaceful affection, here it comes to passionate, boundless love.











... that’s how I see my breeding - passionate, precious, and with boundless love!




jbi, April 2010